The Ridout Collection: Society of Genealogists, London

In the basement of the Society of Genealogists in London there are several archive boxes in which are stored papers pertaining to the history of some Dorset RIDOUT families. These documents are the result of many years of research by Arthur George Ridout (1852-1939), whose x3 great grandfather was Christopher Ridout of Sherborne (1669-1743; see previous posts). Arthur was a bank manager by profession but clearly family history was his passion in life and he, his wife Beaujolais (née FANSHAWE) and their son Lionel spent a great deal of time corresponding with other family members in the UK and abroad and visiting repositories like Somerset House, collecting and transcribing data, much of which is hard to find these days. I have seen this collection and have used some of it for my own research, however Arthur descended from Christopher Ridout and my family, I believe, descends from Christopher’s brother John so, although interesting, the data is of only partial relevance to me however, it may prove of some use to a distant Ridout who is perhaps unaware of its existence! Here is the Society’s own description of the Ridout Collection [catalogued as: Ridout Collection, Society of Genealogists Special Collections, Lower Library] reproduced with the kind permission of Else Churchill at the Society.

The Ridout Collection
This collection is the work of the genealogist Arthur George Ridout (1852-1939), who along with his wife Beaujolois and son Lionel, carried out extensive research into the origins of his family. Like most genealogical research carried out in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, (ie before the advent of a county record office network), the bulk of the material consists of primary source material and correspondence, rather than notes taken from sources (such as parish registers and the International Genealogical Index) as is the case with more modem research. Those hoping for careful, systematic notes and a comprehensive pedigree chart will, therefore, be disappointed, but the lack of research notes is more than made up for by the original material relating to the family, which dates from the sixteenth century to the twentieth. The main names covered are Ridout (mainly from Dorset and Somerset) and Dowell (Bristol). There is a small but significant collection of title deeds relating to property in Shafton (now Shaftesbury) Dorset (16th-17th centuries). The collection has been arranged into names and within each name in into research and primary source material. There is a separate section for letters and notebooks that covers all names. The dates given are the dates of creation for original material (such as letters and title deeds); and centuries covered by the research in the case of pedigrees and research notes. Some of the Collection was transcribed by William Ridout in 1998. His transcriptions have been bound and can be found in the Library (The Ridout Collection, shelf mark FH7RID). This list is more detailed than most so that the originals of material that has been transcribed can be readily identified. The title deeds in the Collection have been fully described and summarised.

Research notes and pedigrees
1. 13th-17th centuries. List: ‘Early Records of the Ridout Family’
2. 16th – 20th centuries. Research notes: pedigrees; some research notes; lists of parish entries (Somerset and Dorset) and Chancery Proceedings; miscellaneous inquisition post mortem extracts and newspaper cuttings. For Ridouts mainly in Dorset and Somerset, but also covering London and Canada
3. 17th – 20th centuries. Research notes: Mainly pedigrees; notes and newspaper cuttings
4. 18th – 19th centuries. Research notes (indexed) into the Ridouts and related families
5. 16th – 19th centuries. Research notes on the Ridouts of Canada and the USA

Deeds relating to Shafton, Dorset:
6. a) Walter Ridout of Shafton, Dorset, gentleman
b) Thomas Perrye of Shafton St James, burgess
Concerning the following: messuage, tenement or burgage in the market place by the Fish Crosse, in St Peter’s Shafton aforesaid; one tenement (where Margaret Bum dwells) in the comer of the butcher’s shambles; one garden in Copstreet and one close of pasture containing about one acre in Salisbury Street, all in St Peter’s Shafton. All of which are in the tenure or occupation of Thomas Bames.
Mortgage of the above lands by a) to b). 19th January 1618/9

6. a) Thomas Pitt of Blandford Farm, Dorset, gentleman and John Cooke of Westminster, Middlesex, gentleman
b) Walter Ridoute of Blandford Farm aforesaid, grocer
c) John Ridoute of Banningham, Norfolk, gentleman
Concerning the following: one messuage, tenement or burgage in the parish of St Peter, Shafton, Dorset, situated in or near the market place and by the Fish Crosse (formerly occupied by John Everres and Thomas Bames); one tenement (sometimes a stables) in the comer amongst the Shambles, next to the Biyndehouse in the marketplace at Shafton aforesaid (late in the tenure of Peter Kinge); one garden plot in or near Copstreet, Shafton; one close of pasture containing 1 acre in or near Salisbury Street, in St Peter aforesaid (now in the tenure of Peter King); one shop or butcher’s shambles adjoining the aforesaid stables (late in the tenure of John Forde and now in the tenure of William Lane) and one messuage and garden, also in Salisbury Street, St Peter’s aforesaid (late in the tenure of Robert and Richard Dole).
One year lease of the above by a) to b). 31st January 1639
Citing an agreement between b) & c) dated 7th September 1638

6. a) Walter Ridout of Blandford Forum, Dorset, grocer
b) John Dampney of Shafton, Dorset, victualler
Concerning the following: one small tenement, sometimes a stable, next to the Blindhouse in the Shambles, Shafton (lately occupied by Peter Kinge and now occupied by Robert Matyard); and one shop or butcher’s shambles next door (now in the possession of William Lane).
Release by a) to b) of the above property. 20th September 1642
Citing a two month lease of 19th September of the same property from a) to b).

6. a) Walter Ridout of Blandford, Dorset, grocer and John his son and heir
b) George Savage of Blandford, gentleman and Anne his daughter.
Concerning the following: One messuage, tenement or burgage in the parish of St Peter and
borough of Shafton, Dorset, situated in or near the market place and by the Fish Crosse, now occupied by John Pike (formerly occupied by John Everres and Thomas Bames); one garden plot and messuage in Copstreete, Shafton (lately occupied by Samuel Rivette); one close of pasture in Salisbury Street in the parish and borough aforesaid (occupied by John Painter); a messuage and garden plot in Salisbury Street (formerly occupied by Robert and Richard Dole) and seven acres of land known as Gyles Broke or Whitinges, in the parish of St James, liberty of Alcester and borough of Shafton.
Settlement of the above by Walter Ridout on his son John and Anne Savage, prior to their marriage. 7th July 1662

6. a) Jane Bayleye of Wimbome Minster, Dorset, widow of Thomas Bayley
b) Walter Ridout of Bedester, Dorset, husbandman
Concerning the following: three closes of arable land known as Gyles Breke, containing 5 acres, lying in the parish of St James and liberty of Alcester, Dorset (now in the tenure of John Foyle). Grant and release of all interest in the above property by a) to b) on the payment of £30. With appointment by a) of Roger Lovell and Robert Burte as her attorneys. 25th March 1562.
Citing the will of Thomas Bayley, dated the 5th October 1560 in which the property was granted to b) on the condition that he pay a) the sum of £30.

6. a) Edward Foyle of Shafton, Dorset, gentleman and John Ridout, son and heir of Walter Ridout of Shafton, deceased
b) Thomas Pitt of Blandford Forum, Dorset, gentleman and John Cooke of Westminster, Middlesex, gentleman
Concerning the following (all in Shafton):
• one messuage, burgage or tenement and garden plot; one house, shop kitchen and two butcher’s shambles (now or late in the occupation of John Evered, Thomas Bames and [blank] Clarke alias Kellwaye)
• one close of meadow or pasture containing 2 acres belonging to the said messuage
• one messuage or tenement (newly built by Robert Dole, blacksmith)
Bargain and sale of the above by a) to b). 10th July 1620

6. a) John Ridout of Shafton, Dorset, gentleman
b) Thomas Pitt of Blandford Forum, Dorset, gentleman and John Cooke of Westminster, Middlesex, gentleman
Concerning the following: 7 acres of land, sometimes called Gyles Breke and now called Whiteinge, parish of St James, liberty of Alcester, or borough of Shafton, Dorset, with all tenements, edifices, gardens etc on the land (now or formerly occupied by John Combe).
Bargain and sale by a) to b) of the above land. With short note on the seal. 17th July 1620

6. a) Jane Ridout, widow of Walter Ridout of Shafton, Dorset
b) Thomas Pitt of Blandford Forum, Dorset, gentleman; John Cooke of Westminster, Middlesex, gentleman and John Ridout, son and heir of the said Walter.
Concerning the following:
• all the closes or pieces of land known as Gyles Breake and Whitinge, containing 7 acres and situated in the parish of St James, liberty of Alcester or borough of Shafton (late in the occupation of John Combe).
• one messuage, burgage or tenement in Shafton appertaining to the above.
• one messuage, shop, kitchen and two butcher’s shambles in Shafton (late in the occupation of John Evered, Thomas Bames and one Clerke alias Kelwaie).
• one close of meadow or pasture containing 2 acres, belonging to the above messuage.
• one messuage in Shafton newly built by Robert Dole, blacksmith.
Quitclaim by a) to b) of the above lands. 30th May 1621

Deeds relating to other Dorset properties
7. a) William Short of Tarrant Hinton, Dorset, clothier
b) Walter Ridout of Blandford Forum, Dorset, grocer
Concerning the following:
• one messuage, burgage or tenement in West Street, parish of St Trinity Wareham, Dorset (then in the possession of Widow Ludby;
• a parcel of land or garden 4 yards wide and 6 yards long in the same parish;
• a parcel of land 4 yards long and 1 Vi yards wide in St Michael, Wareham
• land 6 yards long and 1 yard wide in St Michael
• land 6 yards long and wide in St Michael
• land 6 yards long and 1 Vi wide in St Michael
• land 8 yards long and 1 Vi wide in St Martin, Wareham
• 3 acres of meadow known as Portlam Meadow, near Wareham Common, Wareham Lease of the above property by a) to b) for 99 years, determinable on the death of William Short and his son John and daughter Agnes.
Citing a lease dated 20th February 1631 in which Roger Newborough leased the above property to William Short for 99 years, to begin on the expiry of a 99 year lease granted to William Ludby and determinable on the death of William and his brothers Thomas and John.

7. Abstract of title relating to the lands of Mrs Elizabeth Blanchard in Iwerne Minster, Dorset
(later purchased by Walter Rideout). 1658-1770

7. a) Thomas Brancker of the parish of Stalbridge Dorset, yeoman; Thomas junior his son and heir
b) Thomas Weston of (illegible), parish of FoIke, Dorset, yeoman.
Bond of a) to b) to keep the terms of two indentures of the same date. 12th May 1676 Writing badly faded and illegible in parts.
Deeds relating to Bermondsey Property
7. a) William Butterfield of the parish of St Mary Magdalene Bermondsey, Southwark, Surrey, mariner
b) Joseph Ridout of the same parish, surgeon; and Theophilis Ridout of the parish of St Brides, London, surgeon.
Citing the intended marriage of a) to Mary Votear, widow of Charles Cornelius Votear, mariner, daughter of Joseph and sister of Theophilis. And the entitlement of Mary Votear to two brick messuages or tenements and one timber warehouse on the north side of Mill Street, near St. Saviour’s Dock Head, parish of St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey.
Bond of a) to b) providing Mary Votear with property to be held after his death; or to be willed by her to whomsoever she chose, should she die first. 27th April 1720

7. a) Joseph Ridout of St Mary Magdalene Bermondsey, Surrey, surgeon and Theophilis Ridout of St Brides, London, surgeon
b) William Butterfield of St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey, mariner
Marriage settlement of b) and and Mary Votear, widow of Charles Cornelius Votear, mariner.
Citing the entitlement of Mary Votear to two brick messuages or tenements and one timber warehouse on the north side of Mill Street, near St. Saviour’s Dock Head, parish of St Mary Magdalene, Bermondsey. 27th April 1720
Two copies; one discoloured

Probates, trusts and settlements
8. a) Philip Ridout of Famham, Dorset, Clerk
Declaration of trust regarding money left in the will of Philip Ridout, clerk, of Iweme Minster, Dorset, deceased. 28th May 1770

8. a) Richard Brickdale Ward of Bristol, gentleman; Jane his wife (nee Ridout); Mary Randolph Ridout of Hastings, Sussex, spinster; Susan Fortune Ridout of the same place, spinster; Charles Vie Ridout of Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury Square, Middlesex, gentleman and Thomas Ridout of the East India Company, First Battalion of the Third Regiment of Native Infantry, Bombay.
b) Richard Brickdale Ward and Charles Vie Ridout, trustees of the marriage settlement of John George de Michele of Famham, Surrey, surgeon and Elizabeth Ridout
c) John George de Michele and Elizabeth his wife
d) John Ridout of New Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London, surgeon. Release of trusts made under the marriage settlement of the late Charles Ridout and Miss Jane Smith. 20th October 1828

8. a) Reverend George Ridout of Newland, Gloucester
b) Reverend John Dowell Ridout, Fellow of Christ’s College, Cambridge
c) Reverend George Ridout the younger of Montague Street, Russell Square, London.
d) Eliza Holmes Ridout of Newland, Anne spinster
e) Mary Ridout of Newland, spinster
f) John Ridout of Montague Street, esquire and George Moxon, late of the City of London, hat manufacturer
Release from trusts and trust property by a) and his children to the trustees of Mr Ridout’s settlement; together with declaration of trust by a) and his children. 2nd June 1848
Citing the marriage settlement of George Ridout and Mary Ann Dowell, dated 27th April 1816.

8. Declaration of Thomas Gibbs Ridout of Toronto, Canada, in the matter of the administration of the estate of Elizabeth Scudamore of Dartmouth Devon, deceased. 24th August 1860

8. Probate of Miss Eliza Holmes Ridout of Newland, Gloucestershire. 27th November 1866

8. Probate of the Reverend George Ridout of Newland, Gloucestershire. 20th February 1871

8. a) Lionel Arthur Christopher Ridout of 72 Philbeach Gardens Earls Court, London, electrician
b) Beaujolois Theresa Constance Wodehouse of 5 Norman Road, Winchester.
Mortgage of assurance policies

Ridout v Ridout, Court Case
9. Documents relating to the 1912 court case Ridout 1885, 1912-1913 versus Ridout, concerning the estate of the late Reverend George Ridout. Other Material

Reverend George Ridout senior
10. Account of Thomas Ridout of his capture by the Shawanese Indians of the River Ohio, North America, and his life with them during spring and summer 1788. Dedicated to his nephew, George Ridout. 1818

Copy of 1811 original, completed by MA Ridout.

11. Ordination certificate of the Reverend George Ridout at Gloucester Cathedral. 2nd August 1812

11. Licence appointing the Reverend George Ridout to the Lectureship of the parish of Newland, Gloucestershire. 23rd October 1814

11. Appointment of the Rev. George Ridout to the Rectory of the parish church of Lamiatt, Somerset (2 copies) 11th February 1825

11. Account book, presumably of one of the sons of the Reverend George Ridout of Newland, Gloucestershire. Reverend George Ridout junior 1827-1833

12. Certificate of Rev George Ridout’s ordination as deacon. At the Chapel Royal, St James Westminster. 11th June 1843

12. Licence to the curacy of St George BIoomsbury 11th June 1843

12. Certificate of ordination as priest at St Paul’s Cathedral, London. 2nd June 1844

12. Certificate of conformity and assent to the Articles of the Church of England. 28th March 1849

12. Certificate of conformity to the liturgy of the Church of England. 28th March 1849.

12. Licence to the perpetual curacy of Ash, Kent. 28th March 1849

12. Certificate of assent and agreement to the Book of Common Prayer and conformity to the Church of England and Ireland. Taken at Ash and witnessed by Austen Gardener and John Thorp, churchwardens; John Godfrey, JP and JC Tyiden Patterson, clerk in orders. 6th May 1849

12. Ticket of admission of the Rev. George Ridout to the funeral of the Duke of Wellington, St Pauls Cathedral. 1852

12. Appointment to the Rectory at Sandhurst, Kent. 23rd July 1857

12. Deed of collation of the Rev. George Ridout to the Rectory of Sandhurst (predecessor Rev. Alfred Chamley). With covering letter. 23rd & 24th July 1857

12. Mandate for the induction of the Rev. George Ridout into the Rectory and Parish of Sandhurst with instructions re: induction. 24th July 1857

12. Acknowledgement by Thomas Paine of the right of the Rector of Sandhurst, Kent to right of way across his property 17th March 1811

12. Architect’s declaration re: repairs at Sandhurst Rectory, Kent 18th September 1857

12. List of repairs at Ash Parsonage. 24th September 1857

12. Certificate of Sanction to act as Chaplain in connection with the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Rigi-Sheideck and Murreu. 3 items Gaspard Ridout 1871; 1872

13. Miscellaneous papers relating to Gaspard Ridout (1898-1918), son of Arthur and Beaujolois Ridout, who was killed on the Western Front during the First World War. 1909-1920s. Includes:
1. Letters and postcard from, to his mother, while at Eton and the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich.
2. Subjects include his accident and an air raid on Woolwich. 4 items 1909; 1st & 23rd October 1916; 7th September 1917
1. Death certificate 24th September 1918
2. Letters of administration 9th August 1918
3. B/w photographs and sketch of grave and memorial. 1920s


14. Letter and scribers to Silver Salver to mark Arthur Ridout’s testimonial at the Northumberland Lawn Tennis Association. 1885.

14. Letter from the Bank, Newcastle upon Tyne, to mark Arthur Ridout’s retirement. 24th September 1918

14. Bill to Henry Ridout for the preparation of a debenture by Messrs Smith and Son of Basinghall Street, London. 24th September 1806

14. Certificate of thanks and notification of discharge from the Special Constabulary for Lionel Ridout. 1926; 1941

14. School and examination result lists for Aysgarth School, Yorkshire, Sherbourne School, Dorset (Ridouts only) and unnamed school. 16th – 19th centuries 1879-1880; 1898-1901

14. Miscellaneous invitations and service cards. 1915-1947


15. B/W photograph of an E. Fairfax Lucy January 1916

15. B/W photograph of an U Luftwell 1916

15. B/W photographs of Hugh ?Ridout. 2 items 1916; 1917

15. Two b/w photographs of Lionel Ridout. 1900s

15. Two b/w photographs of unnamed schoolboys at school sports day. 1900s

15. B/W photograph of Dudley Ridout. January 1923

15. B/W photographs of portrait of Elizabeth Frances Tumor (1783) 2 items

Research notes and pedigrees. 1920s
16. General research notes for Dowell, including:
1. Dowells of Over, Cambridgeshire and Bristol 16th I9th centuries
2. Dowell pedigree 18th-19th century
3. Ward/Dowell pedigree 16th-19th century
4. Bakers of Kent and Dowells of Bristol 16th-18th centuries Dowells of Bristol -notes and pedigree. 16th-19th centuries

16. Dowell family births and deaths, as copied from the family prayer book.1718-1833

16. Note of Dowell births marriages and deaths. 18th – 19th centuries

16. Bristol Burgess Oath Certificate for John Dowell the younger, hatter. 26th July 1777

16. Excerpt from the will of James Dowell of Aston, Warwickshire. 1829

16. Copy marriage certificate of the Reverend George Ridout and Mary Anne Dowell, in the parish church of St Paul, Bristol. 30th April 1816

16. Appointment of the Rev. George Dowell as curate to the parish of Buloe, Cornwall. 18th January 1838

16. French passport issued to the Reverend George Dowell, Rector of Werrington, Devon. 26th April 26th April 1846

16. Papers regarding Major Richard Dowell: reports concerning his death in Geneva; burial register 1846. Extracts from the cemetery at Plain Palais, Geneva and various bills.

16. Mandate for the induction of the Reverend George Dowell, clerk, to the vicarage and parish of Llanigon, Brecknockshire (made vacant by the of death of Walter de Winton).7th April 1852

16. Accounts for the parish of Gladestry, Radnor. 1878-1880

16. Declaration of the Bishop of St Davids stating pension and vacancy of the benefice of Gladestry, Radnor, on the resignation of the Reverend George Dowell. 6th November 1880

16. Bill to the Reverend George Dowell from John Barker, relating to the arrangement of his resignation November 1880.

16. Bill from Clarke Woodcock and Ryland to the Rev. JD Ridout for arranging the certification of George Dowell as a lunatic. January 1882

16. Accounts for the estate of the Reverend George Dowell.1882-1884

16. Schedule of debts of (he late Reverend George Dowell.1882-1884

16. Telegram to the Reverend George Ridout of Sandhurst Rectory informing him of his uncle’s (Reverend George Dowell) death.25th December 1883

16. Death certificate for the Reverend George Dowell. 1st January 1884

16. Obituaries for the Reverend George Dowell. From The Knighton Gazette and Radnorshire Chronicle 8th January 1884

16. Accounts of the estate of the late John Dowell. July-November 1888

16. Dowell coat of arms (small print) nd

Other Names
17. Pedigrees, coat of arms, research notes and newspaper cuttings re: Daniell of Cheshire.

18. Brief pedigrees and notes for the following names: 15th-19th centuries Britton; Courts; Dickinson; Fanshawe; Rambouillet; Scudamore; Whistler; Williams; Wren. With brief fragments on unidentified families and cutting from the London Gazette 29th November 1699. Also with signatures and coats of arms Fanshawe, Frewer, Hawke, Meade, Powell, Ridout and Robinson. 20th April 1816

General Correspondence
To the Reverend Stephen Dowell Brother of Mary Anne Ridout
19. From the Rev. George Ridout Re: request to officiate at his forthcoming wedding
with Mary Anne

19. From Anne Dowell his mother. Re: family affairs. (2 items) not dated, but written
just prior to her death in 1843

To Lieutenant William Dowell Assistant surveyor of the 26th Regiment Native Infantry, Rhutnaghurry, India.

19. From George Dowell, brother of Lt. Dowell, of 11 July 1829 The Frythe, Welwyn Herts. Re: family matters. (1 item) 24th January 1829; 27th February 1830

19. From Mary Anne Ridout, sister of Lt Dowell, of Newlands, Gloucestershire. Re: family matters. (2 items)

To Arthur George Ridout
20. From Eleanor L Black-Hawkins, writing from the Hotel Vanderbilt, South Kensington, London and the Malvem Hotel, Malvem Re: Jordan Wren, possible commander at Culloden (1697-1784) and the Ridout pedigree. With enclosures and letter from AG Ridout. 4 items 1st & 3rd October 1925; 27th July 1930

20. From Mary Burgess (later Hulbert) of Braclcnell, Berkshire. Re: general news and family history, including the family of John Ward of Hamilton, USA. 4 items 27th August; 5th September & 28th October 1891. One dated 10th October no year given.

20. From Mrs Prudence Ridout Dugan (Mrs C Nelson Dugan) of Annapolis, Maryland.
Re: her family history research. With excerpts from the family Bible. 3 items 17th & 24th September; 11th Decemeber1935

20. From ? A Hawkins (nee Young). Re: Henry Bellaiss, Canon of Worcester, and authors’ grandparents. Captain Cranstown Ridout and Miss Heath, daughter of Dr George Heath. 29th May 1936

20. From Charles F Hill of Kensington, London. Re: photograph of portrait of their shared great grandmother (missing) and general news. 8th June 1908

20. To unknown recipient (presumably Arthur Ridout) from R Hovinden of Croydon, Surrey
Re: the origin on the name Ridout. 29th April 1890

20. To unknown recipient (presumably Arthur Ridout) from Constance Knight (a cousin) of Upton Pyne Parsonage, Exeter. 3 items Re: his family history research. 18th 28th December 1926; 15th January 1927

20, From Frank Montiesor of Wimbledon, Surrey & Hampton, Middlesex. Re: Ridouts of Kent and research in general. Attachments missing 2 items 27th December 1919 & 15th December 1924

20. From Robert Rawley of Ashford, Middlesex. Re: offer of Ridout indenture from 1770. 2 items 20th December 1933; 9th January 1934

20. From GL Read of Brighton, Sussex. With replies. Re: family and history of John (b 1/10/1725) & Theophilis Ridout. With reply. 6 items 17th, 23rd, & 25th April; 17th, 27th, 30th & 31st May & 2nd June 1934

21. From General AK Ridout of Crabbet Park, Three Bridges, Sussex. Re: the Ridouts of Sussex and Rochester, Kent. Including grandfather. Rev. John Rideout of Woodmancote, Sussex; grandmother Anne Wood of Wenfield, Sussex. 5 items 25th April 1895 – 3rd February 1908

21. From AM Ridout of Sutton, Surrey (possibly Alice Maud Ridout, a cousin). Re: general and family news. 2 items 3rd January 1931 & 6th April 1934

21. From AW Ridout of NE County School Barnard Castle, Durham. Re: the Ridouts of Wiltshire and a John Christopher Ridout of Kent and Hampshire, d 1817. 2 items 2nd May 1891 & 4th February 1901

21. From Dudley Ridout of Singapore and Richmond, Surrey. Re: John Gibbs Ridout, member of the Society of Apothecaries 1815; details of his Canadian family; loss of the recipient’s son Gaspard in 1918 and general news. 6 items 21st October 1918; 31st December 1919; 21st January 1923; 1st January 1926; 2nd July 1931 & ; nd (?1931)

21. From DU Rideout of Southsea, Hampshire. Re: his family history. 13th May 1888

21. From Edith M Ridout of Philbeach Gardens, London SW. Re: her family history. 6 items 22nd November; 13th December 1904; 5th & 12th January; 6th February 1906; 31st October 1912

21. From Emily Ridout (his sister) of Cambridge. Re: general news. 5th January 1927

21. From Colonel Francis Goring Ridout of Southsea, Hampshire. Re: his own Ridout family in Sussex. 5 items 17th May – 15th July 1888; 10th December 1893; 16th & 30th November 1902

22. From George Ridout of Leeds. Re: the Ridouts of Bristol and Somerset (including Milton Clevedon). 13 items 26th July 1887 – 17th March 1891

22. From his father the Rev George Ridout jnr. of Sandhurst Rectory, Kent. Re: family history research (Ward and Dowell branches); general family matters. 7 items, one written on the back of a letter from recipient’s mother; another one incomplete. 4th August 1887; 11th & 16th April & 5th July 1888; 25th May 1896 (in pencil) & 14th November 1898 1 nd

22. From Isla Ridout of Montreal, Canada. Re: details of her own family, all in Canada. 2 items 1st August (no year); March 1907

22. From John Bertram Mais Ridout (a cousin) of Swanage, Dorset 3 items, including photograph. Re: his (largely unsuccessful) research into Ridouts in Dorset; Ridout Coat of Arms; portrait of Dr John Gibbs. 4 items 15th November 1912; 4th July 1924; 21st November 1928; 22nd September 1930

22. From Colonel Joseph Bramley Ridout of Chatham, Kent (cousin). Re: his own Ridout family in Canada and other matters. 19 items 15th April 1887 – 27th January 1900

22. To unknown recipient (presumably Arthur Ridout) from Colonel Julian Ridout (A cousin) of Kingston Hill, Surrey. Re: invitation to visit. nd – after 1925

22. From his brother, Leonard of Regent Street, London. Re: Family trusts and investments. 26th September 1900

22. From his son, Lionel of Yelverton, Norfolk. Re: research into Dorset registers. 7th November c. 1921

22. To unknown recipient (presumably Arthur Ridout) from his sister Mary Sophie Ridout. Re: general family news First page missing nd – 1900s

23. From Mary Joyce Sedgwick (nee Ward) of Skipton, Yorkshire. Re: the Ridouts of Sherbome, Dorset 2 items nd but added later in pencil 4th March & 1st June 1888

23. From his sister, Mabel K Smith of St Albans Vicarage, Bristol Re: general and family news. First page of second letter and last of third missing. 3 items. 1923; 27th November 1922 & 16th December

23. From Mrs Edwin Taylor of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. With reply. Re the descendants of Abraham, Nicodemus and John Gibbs Ridout. 4 items. 12th & 24th July; 12th September both 1934

23. From FR Ward (brother of MJ Sedgwick) of Hyde Park Street, London. Re: the Wards and Ridouts of Sherborne. 2nd March 1888

23. From Frances Ward (a cousin) of Diverill Re: general family history. 3 items. 10th July 1884; 14th September 1885 & 31st January 1888

23. From Susan Ward (a cousin) of Over Stowey, Somerset Re: her grandmother, Elizabeth Ward (nee Ridout) of Sherbome, Dorset (b 1740) and other family members 7th January 1915

23. From EN Wanklyn of Stanmore, Middlesex Re: Wanklyn family history. 24th June 1933

23. From Constance Welman of Rugby, Warwickshire. Re: Ridout seals and bookplate. 2 items. 2nd November & 29th December 1927

23. From Mary Witherby (a cousin) of Morella Road, London SW12 Re: their grandfather. Rev. George Ridout snr. 3rd January (year not given probably c 1914-1918)

23. From MA Witherby of St Paul’s Rectory, Old Charlton, London. Re: the Ridout families of Sherbome, Dorset and Canada 15th November 1897

23. From unknown cousin (signature undecipherable) of Frome, Somerset.Re: visit of Constance Knight 16th December 1926

To Beaujolois Ridout

24. From H ?Denisons of?Berkhamstead Hertfordshire. Re: general news, including correspondent’s health and 90th birthday. Date difficult to read – 14th February 1916 added in pencil

24. From Sybil Disraeli, daughter of Benjamin. Re: her recent marriage. 12th January 1888

24. From H Fanshawe of Earls Court, London. Re: the end of the War and the death of Gaspard Ridout 14th November 1918

24. From RAL Fanshawe (a cousin) of Famham, Surrey. Re: the death of Gaspard Ridout. 25th December 1918

24. From TI Gunn of the Harrow Association. Re: careers of S Ridout and I Bradley in the 18th & 19th centuries 4th December 1930.

24. From Mrs Walter E Houghton jnr., of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA- Re: the Ridouts of Annapolis, Maryland, USA 15th October 1934

24. From Edward Field Ridout of Abergavenny. Re: death of recipient’s son, Gaspard, killed in action on the Western Front. 15th April 1918

24. From John Bertram Mais Ridout of Swanage, Dorset Re: photograph (missing); Sherborne School registers and general news. 23rd December 1930

24. From Lilian H Ridout (her husband’s cousin) of Sutton Surrey. Re: the death of Beaujolois’s son, Gaspard, killed in action on the Western Front. 17th April 1918

24. From Hugh Ryder of Westminster, Middlesex. Re: Gaspard Ridout (a school friend) and general news. 2 items. 7th December 1921 & 4th February 1923

24. From George Sherwood, record searcher of the Strand, London. Re: searches for the names Fanshawe and Ridout in Chancery records (18th & 19th centuries). 6 items 12th July & 25th October 1922; 5th & 10th April 1924; 25th & 28th October 1932

24. From Mary Witherby of London SW18. Re: general news. 12th July 1917

24. From Guillamore (unidentified) re: her (the author’s) daughter Barbara and the progress of the War. 28th February 1918

To Arthur and Beaujolois Ridout
24. From Mary ?Coventry (grandmother of Beaujolois) Re: their marriage and the birth of their son Arthur. 3 items nd, but labelled later in pencil 1887 & 1888; 6th April 1888

24. From their son, Lionel of Shaftesbury Dorset and Sutton, Surrey. Re: family history research – into the Ridouts of Dorset, and general family news. 4 items 17th May; 3rd; 15th; 18th & 22nd June 1923

To Lionel Ridout
25. To unknown, presumably Lionel Ridout, from the Keeper of the Department of Oriental Antiquities and Ethnography, British Museum. Re: gift of a Native American woven belt. 4th July 1942

25. From Algernon Ridout of Quebec, Canada. Re: his father Joseph Bramley Ridout and the Canadian branch of the family. 21st April 1943/7 (?)

25. From his father, Arthur George Ridout Re: general matters and the progress of his research into the Ridout family. 6 items 16th February 1921; 15th March 1921; 19th & 28th May; 17th & 24th June 1923; 31st July (no year)

25. From his mother Beaujolois Ridout Re: advice on his research. 6 letters; 3 fragments 19th; 23rd & 26th May; 5th June; 1st July 1923 (1 nd)

25. From Edward Field Ridout of County Wicklow, Ireland. Re: problems with recipients business; the health of his father and general news. 15th October 1935

25. From Frederick Ridout of Liverpool. Re: origin of the name Ridout and information on Ridouts mentioned in Notes and Queries, 19th February 1898

25. From Mary F Ridout of Sutton, Surrey Re: family Bible (extracts missing) and general news, including bomb damage from air raids. 31st December 1940

25. From Muriel Ridout of Tytherington, Gloucestershire Re: the death other mother and other family news. 2nd June year not given

25. From Perceval F Ridout of Toronto Re: family matters 4 items. nd; 13th February 1944; 7th October & November 1945

25. From his aunt, Mabel Smith of Trumpington House Re: the Wanklyn branch of the Ridout family. 12th December 1941

25. From unknown author, possibly his uncle, the Rev Sidney Smith (husband of Mabel) at the Army &. Navy Club. Re: alterations to the house nd

25. From an unknown aunt or uncle (son or daughter of Rev George Ridout, jnr) Re: general matters 21st November 1944

25. From ? of Great Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire Re: plants.16th August 1916

25. From ? at the Park Plaza, Toronto and of Thornton Hall, Jersey Re: The death of the author’s father and other family matters.13th January 1945 & 28th December 1946

To Charles Ridout
26. From his brother Arthur George of Condercum Benwell, Northumberland. Re: finance, insurance and family history. 2 items, 10th March 1915; 22nd January 1916

To Eliza Holmes Ridout
26. From Matilda Ridout of Toronto, Canada Re: general family news. 22nd November 1869

To George Ridout, jnr (with one from)
26. From his brother and sister in law. Rev. John Dowell and Alicia Maria Ridout of Little Canfield Essex Re: the death of his son, John Herbert Ridout (1854-1881) and the estate of John Dowell. 6 items 15th January 1881-3rd February 1881; 11th February 1884

26. From his father. Rev. George Ridout snr. of Newland, Gloucestershire Re: the birth of his son, Arthur George and other family matters. 3 items. 30th August 1841; 18th & 23rd December 1852

26. From Joseph Bramley Ridout of ?Gillingham, Kent. (Copy letter) Re: Ridout relatives in Annapolis, Maryland, USA. 29th December 1901

26. From John Dowell Ridout of Little Canfield Rectory, Essex Re: the estate of the late John Dowell. 11th February 1884

26. From The Rev. A. Witherly of St Simons Vicarage, Bristol, Re: the death of his son. 9th February 1881

26. From Rev. George Ridout to Mr Hags. (copy) Re: investment in the Madras Stock Exchange and its transfer to a Miss Ward. 10th August 1885

26. From the Reverend George Ridout to unknown recipient Re: the will of his uncle (presumably
the Reverend George Dowell) and his legacies to the Ward family. 2 items. August 19th & 27th 1885

To the Reverend George Harold Ridout of Johannesburg, South Africa (nephew of George Ridout jnr)
26. From Mrs JB Grant Ridout re: the American branches of the Ridout family, in the USA and Canada. 17th October 1916

Letters to John Ridout
26. From George Ridout senior, his brother of Newland, Gloucestershire Re: the death of his wife Mary Anne. (2 items) 3rd October; October (no day given) 1832

26. From Anne Dowell (nee Wanklyn), mother of Mary Anne Ridout, of Bristol. Re: family and financial affairs. (2 items) 24th August 1837; 22nd April (no year)

To Joseph Bramley Ridout
26. From his brother, Thomas of Ottowa, Canada. Re: Family matters and history. Including the promotion of Joseph’s son Dudley. 28th March 1888

26. From one of his sisters (unidentified). Re: the Ridout family history and connections to Sherbome, Dorset. 28th March 1888

To Mary Ann Ridout (senior)
26. To Mary Anne Ridout (nee Dowell), wife of the Reverend George of Newland, Gloucestershire, from J.G. Ridout, presumably her father in law. (2 items) 22nd May 1818; 19th June 1818

To Mary Ann Ridout (junior)
26. From her brother, John Dowell Ridout of Sutton, Surrey. Re: their uncle, Richard Dowell. Unidentified Ridout

26. To Colonel Ridout from Sarah Beard (wife of Richard Ridout Beard) of Cheltenham, Gloucs. Re: family of Richard Ridout, Chaplain to the British Embassy at Brussels. 14th October 1927

To WL Donaldson
26. From Thomas Gibbs Ridout of Toronto, Canada. Re: dates of birth of his family in Canada, from 1791-1841. 16th June 1860

Letters from parishes in response to parish register search requests
27. Fordington St George, Dorset 27th September 1923
27. Framfield, Sussex 17th September; 8th & 22nd October 190
27. Westmeston, Hassocks, Sussex (2 items) 17th September 1902; 3rd October (no year)
27. Little Horsted, Uckfield, Sussex 16th September 1902
27. Iweme Minster, Dorset. (2 items) 5th February & 16th March 1921
27. St Amies, Lewes, Sussex 2nd October 1902
27. Jevington, Polegate, Sussex 24th September 1902
27. Loddon, Norwich, Norfolk. 18th February 1921
27. Mayfield, Sussex 10th June 1890
27. Middleton Hassocks, Sussex 3rd October ? 1902
27. Milbome Port, Sherbome, Dorset 14th December 1888
27. Mountfield, Sussex 29th June 1888
27. Patrixboume, Kent 13th May 1890
27. Ripe, Sussex 11th February 1908
27. Diocesan Registry, Salisbury 28th May 1923
27. Selmeston, Sussex 21st October 1902
27. St Pauls, Shadwell, Middlesex 31st August 1925
27. Eton School, Windsor, Berkshire 19th June 1930

Estate accounts: journals etc
28. Exercise book of MA Ridout 1806
29. Holiday journal of George Ridout junior 18th – 23rd August 1841
30. Holiday journal of Arthur Ridout 1905; 1910
31. Account book for the executors of the will of the Reverend George Ridout, Rector of Sandhurst, Kent (d 1908) 1908-1909

32. Research into: Chancery Proceedings; Hearth Tax (Somerset) Marriage licences (Sarum); Musters (Somerset); Protestation Returns (Dorset) and miscellaneous wills. 16th–19th centuries
33. Ridout marriages: Sherborne Dorset and elsewhere in Somerset and Devon. 16th–19th centuries
34. Ridout parish register entries: for parishes in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire 16th–19th centuries
35. Notebook ‘A’ Parish registers and periodicals (3 vols stuck together) 18th–19th centuries
36. Notebook ‘B’: Notes from Wills. 16th–18th centuries
37. Notebooks ‘C’ & ‘D'(stuck together): Miscellaneous record office sources; wills; sessions cases; protestation returns & fines and recoveries 17th-18th centuries
38. Miscellaneous rough notes (10 vols stuck together)
39. As above: Somerset House wills, etc. (3 vols stuck together; 1 loose) 16th-18th centuries

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8 Responses to The Ridout Collection: Society of Genealogists, London

  1. Diana Ridout says:

    Totally, absolutely astounding!

    • Prevaricat says:

      Glad you approve 🙂 I’m hoping that Ridouts ‘out there’ find references to papers that they would find of interest and follow through with enquiries, or better still, a visit to the SoG.

  2. Andrew ridout says:

    Very interesting as a Ridout from Yorkshire with some traceable links to forest .

    • Prevaricat says:

      Hi Andrew… glad you found something of interest. Do you know much about your early ancestry? I think that most (although not necessarily all) Ridouts were in the Dorset area by the mid 16thC and so far our yDNA project does seem to suggest that there are perhaps only two or three distinct lines.

  3. Dave lee says:

    Hi, I have a 1910 manuscript item for sale on Ebay from the Ridout family. The item number is: 321515367855

    • Prevaricat says:

      Hi Dave

      Thanks for giving me the nod… it does look like it could be Arthur’s. I am interested but couldn’t afford much, not because I am tight fisted but because I am retired 🙂 But I will make a bid and keep my eye on things. Thank you again; you did a good piece of detective work in finding the owner! Cheers, Karen

  4. Sara McNamee says:

    I understand you were looking for information about a children’s home/nursery (Roundabouts) you attended in St. Paul’s Rd, Weston-super-Mare during the 50’s. It is my family home & I would love to know more about it’s history. I hope you see this message!

    • Prevaricat says:

      Hi Sara… thanks for contacting me. I saw your Rootsweb message and replied to that before I saw that you had written here as well 🙂 I was put into Roundabouts Children’s Home (‘Hotel’) when I was a tot but I don’t know exactly when or for how long. I posted the original message to see if anyone knew of any official records from those days (no-one did) but I did find a couple of people that were in the home in the same era; some of them remember it well – I don’t. I would be very interested to find out what you know as well and also more about the letters – I doubt if any of them would be relevant to me as I expect I was too small to have read them but you never know 🙂 Please keep in touch and I wish you luck in your quest – your house must be huge since it once housed so many children. Cheers, Karen

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