ARCHARDs in the Bath Chronicle and Western Gazette (1835-1904)

The following table lists articles, family announcements or other items of interest that mention members of the Archard family in Bath. The first column is the date of publication and the second indicates where the item can be found i.e. 5c would mean the page 5, column c. Abbreviated names: TW (Thomas Wyate) TD (Thomas Dobney) GB (George Biggs) C (Charles) A (Alfred)

8 Oct 1835 [3c] Revision of (the right to) vote. T Archard (St James) retained.
2 Nov 1837 [3d] First mention of Mr Archard, a pawnbroker.
7 Jul 1838 [2f] Bath Wesleyan Literary Institution. Donations in books, money, philosophical apparatus or other gifts, likely to promote the interests of the Institution, will be thankfully received by the following individuals; viz: Mr GB Orchard, 18 Milsom Street

21 Nov 1839 [2f] Nov 11, aged 49, Mr C Archard, coach-maker of this city.
20 Feb 1840 [3f] Meeting in favour of a repeal of the Corn Laws. Very poorly attended and mostly by ‘liberals’.
4 Aug 1842 [3c] Bath Town Council.
12 Jan 1843 [4e] Bath Town Council.
3 Aug 1843 [3e] Bath Town Council. Bath gaol.
26 Oct 1843 [3c] Municipal elections of town councillors. Ward of Lyncombe and Widcombe. Expected to re-elect present members (Messrs Archard and Brown.

11 Jul 1844 [3e] Bath Town Council. Debate about construction of a new bridge.
9 Apr 1846 [3d] Bath Town Council. Water Works Bill re water closets.
4 Feb 1847 [3] Thomas Archard received 212 votes and was duly elected as councillor of the ward of Lyncombe and Widcombe.
2 Mar 1848 [3f] Bath Town Council. Window tax. Mr Archard had always believed it to be unjust and even immoral.
21 Jun 1849 [3f] Bath Town Council.
14 Nov 1850 [4a] Mr Archard, at the ends of a new Mayor’s acceptance speech, begged him to recant part of that speech relating to the denial of
religious freedom (for Catholics) as what were Protestants to be afraid of and every man should be allowed to think for himself.

5 Dec 1850 [3g] Bath Town Council meeting.
6 Feb 1851 [3f] Bath Town Council.
11 Nov 1852 [3b] Oct 31, at 15 Bath Street, Emma, the beloved wife of Mr Thomas Archard jun, leaving her bereaved husband with eight children to mourn her.

27 Jan 1853 [2f] February pledge sale. Mr A S Fulljames begs to announce that he has received instructions to sell by auction on Tuesday and Wednesday February 1 and 2, 1853 at twelve for one o’ clock precisely at his public commission and sale rooms, 21 Bridewell Lane, Westgate Street, Bath, a collection of unredeemed pledges removed from the offices of Mr Thomas Archard, 14 and 15 Bath Street

19 Jun 1856 [3c] Bath County Court. Having lent £5 to Francis Mitchell Hood, who subsequently was bankrupt, declined to press the debt but Hood himself added it to the list from a sense of moral obligation.

28 Jul 1853 [3e] Bath police. Mary Ann Coldstream, a widow apparently of violent temper, was summoned by Mr Archard, pawnbroker, for having by her abusive and insulting language, endeavoured to excite him to a breach of the peace. .

10 Nov 1853 [3c] Mayoral elections. Mr Archard the Radical recorded as ‘Mr Orchard’, which was considered to be a cunning ploy to have his vote discounted.

9 Aug 1855 [3b] Mr Archard presented a memorial with thirty-six signatures in favour of establishing a public library in the Guildhall.
21 Aug 1856 [3d] City Act Committee. Surveying: Mr Archard commenced a discussion about the pitching in front of the White Hart Inn near the General Hospital, considered to be defective.

30 Oct 1856 [3d] Bath City Act Committee. Mr Archard discusses road works.
20 Nov 1856 [3] Lyncombe & Widcombe elect councillors due to Mr Archard and Mr Hunt having been elected Aldermen.
18 Jun 1857 [2f] Bath City Act Committee (NB illustration of Ducks & Milsom’s shops)
9 Jul 1857 [8e] Bath City Act Committee. Monday July 6th – present – Messrs Hancock (in the chair), Thompson, Lester, Hunt, Graves, Keys, Barrett, Vaughan, Cox, Archard, and Hooper. Discussion re the spring water trough on Widcombe Hill.

1 Oct 1858 [3f] Bath City Act Committee. Alderman Archard.
15 Oct 1857 [8e] Committees of the Bath Town Council. Mention of sewerage in Town Bridge, Dolemeads areas.
11 Feb 1858 [3a] Bath City Act Committee.
29 Apr 1858 [3a] Bath City Act Committee.
13 May 1858 [3b] Bath City Act Committee.
24 Jun 1858 [10a] Bath police. Thomas Archard the younger, pawnbroker no 15 Bath Street, stated that the (stolen) telescope was pledged by the prisoner on the 17th inst about noon in the name of James Bailey.

19 Aug 1858 [8b] Local Intelligence. Bath City Act Committee re road sweeping.
21 Oct 1858 [8] Nepotism as Mr Archard’s son is given a position as clerk to the City Act Committee!
28 Oct 1858 [3b] Mr Williams said: Members of the council claiming it not possible to get onto the Watch Committee unless Mr Archard, for instance, was on it. He did not think Mr Archard was a desirable person to be permanently on that committee. The very nature of his business was such
as to call forth the opinion from him that he ought not to be on that committee (Cries of “oh, oh”).

4 Nov 1858 [3d] Bath City Act Committee. Archard (Chair). Meeting re scavengers
18 Nov 1858 [10a] Bath City Act Committee
20 Jan 1859 [9c] The cemetery question. Protesting against a new parish (St Saviours) cemetery nest to the church or if not then Lansdown on the grounds that it would be a burden to the taxpayers.

10 Feb 1859 [8d] Parish of St Peter and St Paul. Vestry meeting. Securing cheap burials for the poor. Discussions about a cemetery at Lyncombe.
14 Apr 1859 [5e] Bath elections. The committee for the election of Messrs Tite and Phinn. Mr T Archard, Bath Street, Mr Thos Archard Jun, Bath Street.

19 Dec 1861 [6f] Thomas Archard, St Mary’s Buildings. Commissioner of Taxes for City (amongst others). for death of Prince Consort.
17 Apr 1862 [8a] Bath City Act Committee.
4 Sep 1862 [8a] Bath City Act Committee: railings around the new chapel of ease, Bathwick needed repair. Mr Archard intimated that the public safety was the first thing the Board had to look after but if they could benefit the chapel or any other public building by putting up a railing instead of a wall, without extra expense, they ought to do so.

13 Nov 1862 [8a] Bath City Act Committee. Mr Alderman Archard attending.
20 Nov 1862 [3a] Municipal elections. Nomination of Mr Bell in St James’ Ward was seconded by Mr Archard Jr. In Lyncombe & Widcombe ward, Alderman Archard presided over a meeting.

4 Dec 1862 [4e] Half yearly sale of unredeemed pledges. Auction at Bath City Auction Mart, 24 Westgate St by Mr W H Howell. Gold and silver watched, plate, jewellery, cloths, blankets, quilts, bed and table linen and useful miscellaneous effects etc. View Monday next, the 8th and morning of sale.

11 Dec 1862 [8b] Hackney Carriage Committee: Alderman Archard
11 Dec 1862 [3d] Bath City Act Committee.
18 Dec 1862 [6f] Bath Police. Job Gerrard charged with stealing a silver watch and also on suspicion of robbing his master Mr Thomas Archard pawnbroker &c. Bath Street of several silver watches and other articles.

18 Feb 1864 [4b] Messrs Archard & Son 15 Bath Street. Half yearly sale of unredeemed pledges. Auction at City Auction Mart. 24 Westgate Street.
29 Sep 1864 [3a] Bath City Act Committee. Mr Archard, seconding the motion, humorously remarked… re. smokeless fuel.
27 Oct 1864 [4c] Urging the Mayor to form a committee against Sunday liquor traffic. Thomas Archard 3 St Mary’s Buildings undersigned with many others.

24 Nov 1864 [3a] Bath City Act Committee. Public vehicles and contagious diseases.
4 May 1865 [5e] Aid for freed negroes. Anti-slavery rally and debate about the American Civil War. Committee formed including Alderman Mr Archard and T Archard Jun.

11 May 1865 [5f] Bath City Act Committee. Watering rates.
28 Feb 1867 [8d] Bath City Act Committee.
12 Mar 1868 [5d] Alderman Archard whilst on his velocipede, rode on the wrong side of the road and was run down by a laundry van. Was seriously cut to the head and rendered unconscious for fifteen minutes. .

20 Aug 1868 [5e] Aug 16 at 15 Bath Street, of apoplexy, Frank Ernest youngest son of Mr Thomas Dobney Archard, aged 17.
29 Oct 1868 [7] Bath City Act Committee. Vote of thanks to Alderman Archard who he (Mr Hooper) regretted to say, intended to give up the position (several voices “I hope not”) but it would give him much happiness to see Mr Archard in the same position for many years to come. Mr Archard acknowledged the compliment.

24 Dec 1868 [9e] Almanac for 1868. Town Council of Bath. Retiring in 1874 – Mr Thomas Archard, 3 St Mary’s Buildings.
1 Apr 1869 [7] Inquest on Saturday evening at the Guildhall before the city coroner. Mr T D Archard of Stall Street was foreman.
2 Nov 1871 [7] New Baptist Chapel, Manvers Street. Memorial stone laid. Mr T D Archard presents a silver trowel to Rev D Wassell for him to lay the stone, behind which was placed some coins, newspapers of the day and an inscription with a roll.

Thomas Wyatt Archard died 24th February 1873

27 Feb 1873 [5d] Feb 24th at 15 Bath Street, Mr Alderman Archard, in his 87th year.
13 Mar 1873 [3a] The Mayor read a letter from Mr T D Archard on behalf of himself and his family the vote of condolence with him on the death of their aged parent.

29 Oct 1874 [4b] Mr W H Brumby will sell by auction on Monday Nov 2nd, unredeemed pledges pawned with Messrs Thos Archard & Son and Mr Alfred Archard, 15 Bath Street, Bath between the months of March and November 1873. (auction ad above for 7 St Margaret’s Bldgs cabinet warehouse?)

17 May 1877 [3c] Manvers Street Chapel. Bazaar in the schoolroom in aid of building a road outside. A Archard manned a stall.
10 Apr 1879 [5e] The election of Guardians for the Bath Union. St James parish. T D Archard (elected) 295 votes.
15 Jan 1880 [7e] Bath Young Men’s Liberal Association. Annual Meeting at The Athenaeum, Orange Grove. Officers elected: Mr Archard.
15 Jan 1880 [3c] Opening of the Bath Coffee House by the Mayor at 35 Westgate Street. This being as a result of the Temperance Movement in Bath. T D Archard attending as one of the council.

23 Sep 1880 [2] Mr W Archard opposes a Free Public Library in Bath
5 May 1881 [7b] Surveying Committee. T D Archard.
30 Jun 1881 [7a] Bath Town Council. At the fortnightly meeting of this committee held on Monday, Ald Marshall presided in the absence of the Chairman, Ald Gibbs. There were also present: Messrs T D Archard, R O Heywood, A G D Moger, C W Oliver, J E Sturges, C J Thornley, G Turner, H J Walter, T Whatley and T Wilton.

22 Sep 1881 [7a] Numerous references to Bath Town Council Surveying Committee’s meetings re. Hedgemead landslide.
22 Sep 1881 [3a] Concealment of birth by Eliza Rivers, domestic servant at 15 Bath Street. New born female infant found concealed in WC attached to the house.

29 Sep 1881 [8f] Municipal elections. Mr Thomas D Archard (Lyncombe & Widcombe).
13 Oct 1881 [2d] Concealment of birth. Alfred Archard of Elm Place, Wells Road the proprietor of the pawnbroking business at 15 Bath Street said…

10 Nov 1881 [4e] Thomas Archard and James Clark post a notice thanking burgesses of Lyncombe and Widcombe for re-electing them as representatives on the town council.

22 Jun 1882 [5a] Fatal accident at Batheaston. Alfred Hibbert died as the result of an accident. Appeal fund raised by Mayor and T D Archard Esq has kindly offered to act as treasurer.

24 Aug 1882 [7a] Bath Town Council. T D Archard.
30 Nov 1882 [3a] Ancient Order of Foresters. Annual Dinner. Attending including W Archard and W Ridout.
22 Feb 1883 [7a] Bath Town Council. T D Archard present.
6 Nov 1884 [3d] Municipal Elections: T D Archard (Liberal), as retiring member for Lyncombe and Widcombe ward, was re-elected with 844 votes
17 Dec 1885 [9d] Committees of the Bath Town Council: Watch Committee (Archard). Cold Water & Public Bathing Place Committee (Archard). Surveying Committee (Archard)

11 Apr 1886 [7a] Bath Town Council. Councillor T D Archard. Re complaints about water supply to Newbridge Road.
29 Apr 1886 [3f] Mr Sturges mentioned that Mr T D Archard had broken his leg while engaged in gardening at his residence. He was sure they were all sorry that Mr Archard had met with the accident. The Chairman: Perhaps if you see him you will say so.

6 May 1886 [7a] Bath Town Council. A brief meeting called by the Mayor (Mr A Hammond) during which he said that he was very sorry, as he was sure they all were, to hear of the accident that Mr Archard had met with. He had been with him on Sunday and he was afraid that it would be some time before Mr A would be able to resume work on account of his age.

23 Sep 1886 [1f] Mary Maslen deceased. Wife of James Maslen, 2 Prospect Buildings, Wells Road, Gentleman. Executors Alfred Archard of Sunnymount Villa, Upper Beechen Cliff and James Clark of Bath, solicitor.

17 Feb 1887 [1f] William Strange Archard (deceased). Claims on estate to Laura Ann Ridout.
10 Mar 1887 [5] Coroner’s inquest on the death of Eliza Swift. Aged 32 years who was pulled out of the Avon. A pawn ticket was found in her pocket for clothing (2s). Deceased had lost husband and three children. Suicide whilst temporarily insane.

25 Aug 1887 [3f] Annual Police Inspection: On Tuesday morning the members of the city police force were inspected by Captain Elgee, HM Inspector, at the Grove Street Barracks. Amongst those present were… Mr T D Archard. Total strength: 1 chief constable, 1 superintendent, 4 inspectors,
14 sergeants and 6 constables.

6 Oct 1887 [8e] Municipal elections. Meeting of the burgesses. Mr Archard resigns.
27 Oct 1887 [2e] The Nominations. A vacancy in Widcombe ward due to the retirement of Mr Archard is announced.
10 May 1888 [3c] Bath Sunday School Union. Mr Archard given thanks as examiner. Chairman voiced his opinion that this was the cream of non-conformist Sunday Schools in Bath.

28 Jun 1888 [8e] Manvers Street Baptist Church. Provision of a new organ. Those present at the opening of a Sunday School bazaar to raise money included Mr T D Archard and Mr A Archard.

13 Sep 1888 [7c] Microscopical soiree. Bath & Bristol Microscopical Societies. Under ‘miscellaneous’ Deep Sea Soundings (2Challenger &c”) exhibit by Mr Archard.
8 Oct 1891 [5] Oct 2 at 3 St Mary’s Buildings, Emma Hannah, the wife of Thos. Dobney Archard, aged 74.

Thomas Dobney Archard died 18th December 1891

24 Dec 1891 [5c] Dec 18. Thomas Dobney Archard, aged 81. On page 7, an obituary
11 Feb 1892 [8f] Manvers Street Chapel. Members and friends of Mr R H Moore’s Bible Class met last week… Mr A Archard, in kindly words, presented to Mr Moore, on behalf of his class, twelve volumes of Ruskin’s works…

26 Apr 1894 [7] Bath Sunday School Union. The examinations under the able direction of Mr Archard were the most successful on record.
19 Nov 1896 [2c] Bath Police. Annie Hanham alias Adams, 4 Somerset Street, charged with stealing eighty-five twill sheets, value £8 10s from the Royal United Hospital, Beau Street. She was a laundry woman at the hospital. Some of the sheets pawned at Archards. Assistant Henry Whitehead had stated that the company received 5,000 pledges a week.

13 May 1897 [7e] Bath Sunday School Union. Archard becomes president. General report of the year. The 83rd anniversary held in New King Street chapel and schoolroom.

29 Sep 1898 [6b] Manvers Street Chapel. Anniversary meeting. Mr Archard in the chair. Mr Underwood: After recognising the valuable work of the choir, Mr Archard the missionary secretary and Mr Moore….

10 Nov 1898 [5f] Interesting talk by Rev Baillie on travels to the middle east accompanied by Mr Archard (?Alfred) .
26 Apr 1900 [1a] April 20, at Marseilles, David Ernest Archard, only son of Alfred Archard, of Sunnymount, Bath, aged 29.
16 May 1901 [3e] Bath Sunday School Union. Prize giving at Percy Congregational Church. Present: A Archard. Thanked, for his splendid work as secretary.

19 Dec 1901 [4b] Sale of Britannia Music Cabinet with ‘an endless variety of tunes (10 supplied) £5 5s. Also Double barrel breech loading guns 50s and 70s, Carriage clock, second hand, fine movement cost £6 selling for 55s. Also a large selection of electro-plated teapots from £6 6s; cruets from 4s 6d. Accordions, concertinas, banjos and mandolins in large variety. All Archard 15 Bath Street.

23 Jan 1902 [4c] Similar advertisements as above.
25 Dec 1902 [4a] Various sale items, individually advertised: folding rifle for saloon, sport 12s 6d; SB Breech-loader in excellent condition. 12 bore 37s 6d; Phonograph with Edison records, very distinct 18s 6d. First class symphonium 12 tunes. 90s. A Archard 15 Bath Street.

28 May 1903 [2g] Death of Rev George E Moore in the Congo, son of Mr R H Moore (senior deacon at Manvers Street Chapel). Reference to ‘friend’ Mr A Archard.

5 Nov 1903 [8f] Passive resistance Meeting. A public meeting in support of this movement was held in Widcombe Baptist Chapel on Tuesday night. Mr Councillor Sealy presided… supported by Mr A Archard. A long article about non-conformism. .

10 Dec 1903 [8e] Sale of work at Manvers Street Chapel Christian Endeavour Societies… opened a two days’ sale of work on Wednesday… present Messrs A Archard and E Underwood. Speeches etc.

13 Mar 1904 [5d] Meeting at Manvers Street Baptist Chapel. Annual mothers’ meeting on Monday night. Mr A Archard, assisted by Mr Seaman, followed with a most interesting lecture on Romish architecture, which was throughout splendidly illustrated.

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