Rev. George Ridout (1820-1908)

George was born on the 23rd January 1820 at Newland, Gloucestershire and died 25th October 1908 at Eastbourne.  His parents were George Ridout (1788-1813) & Mary Ann Dowell and grandfather was John Gibbs Ridout (1757-1823).

He attended Emmanuel College, Cambridge and was curate of St. George’s, Bloomsbury 1843/9, perpetual curate at Ash, Kent between 1849 – 57 and rector at Sandhurst, Kent from 1857 to 1908. He married Sophia Louisa, daughter of Thomas Daniell Esq of Little Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, at St George’s, Bloomsbury on the 22nd May 1848.

Are you related to George? If you are, you may be interested to know that a book of his is up for sale on a popular auction site:

$_57 (1) $_57 (2) $_57 (3) $_57

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2 Responses to Rev. George Ridout (1820-1908)

  1. Awesome! You’ve done it again, Cat.

  2. Prevaricat says:

    Hoping that a descendant of George will see this and want to pull it back into the family.

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