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I have been delving into my distant past for a long, long time now but, every now and again, I have a brief flirtation with my more ‘modern’ family which means anything up to x4 great grandparents. In the early days of studying my mother’s family history, I fell in love, genealogically speaking, with the RIDOUT and the ARCHARD lines, both of whom had what I thought were interesting histories, either in Bath or Sherborne. However, when I tried to list my x3 and x4 great grandparents, it soon became woefully clear that I have very little idea of many of their identities. So, because it’s Christmas and I am taking a bit of a break whilst I write (and hopefully publish) my RIDOUT history book, I have put down below all the names that I have for my various ancestors. I am hoping that maybe someone who reads this will perhaps recognise a name here or there and get in touch.

As well as making contact with potential relations I am also very much hoping to find some living descendants of my RIDOUT line, in particular men who carry the RID(E)OUT surname. Some while ago I started a yDNA project with US company FTDNA; so far we have recruited seventeen members. We are making some interesting connections but we do need so many more RID(E)OUT men to test and fill in the missing links. So, if you would like to take part you would be most welcome. The current cost of a 37 marker test is $119 (through the project) which is not too hefty if it helps you, me and many others to sort out where we all belong in the grand scheme of things.  If you’re interested, or just curious how it all works, please get in touch through this blog and I will try and answer any questions you may have.

As I said earlier, I am compiling a book which will have a rather less chatty and rather more factual and sourced version of many of the posts here, plus some extras which I have discovered along the way. Having said that, I will still post my research findings here from time to time so please don’t wander off thinking that it’s all over – it isn’t…

Maternal grandparents

My mother’s father: Frank Reginald RIDOUT (1891-1966) b. Bath; fish restaurateur.

My mother’s mother: Elsie May BEATON (1895-1978) b. Bath; dressmaker.

Maternal great grandparents

Frank Reginald RIDOUT’s father: John Arthur RIDOUT (1863-1953) b. Bath; French polisher.

Frank Reginald RIDOUT’s mother: Ada Emily JARVIS (1861-1938) b. London; draper’s assistant.

Elsie May BEATON’s father: William Henry BEATON (1861-1938) b. North Cadbury; blacksmith

Elsie May BEATON’s mother: Ann Elizabeth OLLIS (1864-1932) b. Bath.

Maternal great great grandparents

John Arthur RIDOUT’s father: Edwin RIDOUT (1833-1912) b. Bath; French polisher.

John Arthur RIDOUT’s mother: Laura Ann ARCHARD (1827-1919) b. Bath; dressmaker.

Ada Emily JARVIS’s father: Austin JARVIS (1829-1866) b. Bradford on Avon; farrier.

Ada Emily JARVIS’s mother: Ann HUNTER (1825-1903) b. Melksham.

William Henry BEATON father: Robert John BEATON (1832-    ) b. Yeovil; master tailor.

William Henry BEATON’s mother: Sylvena Smith GREGORY (1838-    ) Nether Compton.

Ann Elizabeth OLLIS’s father: Henry OLLIS (1847-1913) b. Warmley; publican.

Ann Elizabeth OLLIS’s mother: Mary Ann GOULD (1847-1918) b. Bathwick; milliner.

Maternal x3 grandparents

Edwin RIDOUT’s father: John RIDOUT (1785-1855) b. Sherborne; cabinet maker.

Edwin RIDOUT’s mother: Martha SOMERTON (1794-1840) b. Bristol.

Laura Ann ARCHARD’s father: Charles ARCHARD (1790-1839) b. Bath; coachmaker.

Laura Ann ARCHARD’s mother: Isabella STRANGE (1794-1866) b. Bath.

Austin JARVIS’s father: William JARVIS (1791-1861) b. Portsmouth; farmer.

Austin JARVIS’s: Ann DOUSE (1801-1888) b. Everleigh (WIL)

Ann HUNTER’s father: George HUNTER (1793-1851)

Ann HUNTER’s mother: Maria RUDDLE (?)

Robert John BEATON’s father: John BEATON (1792-    ) b. Nether Compton; cordwainer.

Robert John BEATON’s mother: Ann (1792-    ) b. Corsham.

Sylvena Smith GREGORY’s father: John GREGORY (1817-1897) b. Tarrant Gunville; coachman.

Sylvena Smith GREGORY’s mother: Hannah SMITH (1814-    ) b. Nether Compton.

Henry OLLIS’s father: Job OLLIS (1818-1885) b. Keynsham; licensed victualler.

Henry OLLIS’s mother: Caroline PALMER (1818-1875) b. Keynsham.

Mary Ann GOULD’s father: Charles GOULD (1816-1890) b. Croscombe (SOM); police officer.

Mary Ann GOULD’s mother: Ann TUTTON (1819-1903) b. Croscombe.

Maternal x4 great grandparents

John RIDOUT’s father: John RIDOUT (1753-1827)

John RIDOUT’s mother: Susannah SHORE (1753-1817)

Martha SOMERTON’s father: Joseph SOMERTON (1761-    ) b. Bristol

Martha SOMERTON’s mother: Martha CLARK (1768-1840)

Charles ARCHARD’s father: William ORCHARD (1759-1812) b. Bath

Charles ARCHARD’s mother: Elizabeth HUNT (1753-1835)

Isabella STRANGE’s father: William STRANGE (?)

Isabella STRANGE’s mother: Hannah MAYGER (?)

William JARVIS’s father: Not identified

William JARVIS’s mother: Not identified

Ann DOUSE’s father: Not identified

Ann DOUSE’s mother: Not identified

George HUNTER’s father: John HUNTER (?)

George HUNTER’s mother: Margaret MORGAN (?)

Maria RUDDLE’s father: Not identified

Maria RUDDLE’s mother: Not identified

John BEATON’s father: John BEATON (1762-    ) b. Nether Compton

John BEATON’s mother: Dinah CAREY (1763-    )

Ann’s father: Not identified

Ann’s mother: Not identified

John GREGORY’s father: John GREGORY (1786-1863) b. Blandford; agricultural labourer.

John GREGORY’s mother: Dinah INGGS (1791-1842)

Hannah SMITH’s father: Not identified

Hannah SMITH’s mother: Not identified

Job OLLIS’s father: John OLLIS (1792-1870) b. Keynsham; boot & shoemaker.

Job OLLIS’s mother: Ann CANTLE (1785-1872) Keynsham.

Caroline PALMER’s father: Not identified

Caroline PALMER’s mother: Not identified

Charles GOULD’s father: Isaac GOULD (1793-1867) b. Worminster (SOM); farmer.

Charles GOULD’s mother: Ann BAKER (1795-    ) b. Croscombe (SOM)

Ann TUTTON’s father: Richard TUTTON (1792-1875) Silk factory labourer.

Ann TUTTON’s mother: Hannah MARSHMAN (1794-    )

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